Defined by white stakes, barbed wire or white line painted on the ground.

GROUND UNDER REPAIR.- All areas of the course marked with blue or white paint are ground under repair. PLAY PROHIBITED. If a player’s ball rests inside a flooded bunker and there is no possibility of dropping within it, it will be considered GROUND UNDER REPAIR, the player may take relief without penalty.

OBSTRUCTIONS.- All roads, gravel adjacent, drains, sprinklers, hydrants, manholes and surfaces that are covered with gravel or artificial grass, are considered immovable obstructions allowing relief according to rule 16.1. All trees and shrubs with stakes or plastic protectors are considered immovable obstructions allowing relief according to rule 16.1.

OPTIONAL FREE DROP AREA: On hole 2 (Right and Left) The mats on the right are integral parts of the course. After dropping, the ball may be placed when the general local rule allows.

RELIEF FOR EMBEDDED BALL.- The R 16-3b applies throughout the course. In the case a ball is embedded in its own pitch mark, it may be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as close as possible to where it rested, but not closer to the hole.

FREE DROP: Relief without penalty may be taken in areas with wild boar damage, whether repaired or not.

CLEAN AND PLACE: A fairway ball can be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball the player must mark its position. Once the ball is lifted, it should be placed at a point within 15 cm. and no closer to the hole where it originally rested. A player may place his ball only once and it is in play.(Rule 14.1).

AREAS OF PENALTY: When a player’s ball has not been found or is known to be out of bounds, the player may take relief and proceed under the penalty of 2 strokes dropping on the fairway edge, no closer to the hole from where the original ball came to restor crossed the fairway limit for the last timeWhen a player does not know if his ball is in a penalty area, he can play a provisional ball according to rule 18.3 (provisional ball definition).The red penalty areas of the holes (2, 10, 11 and 18), defined on one side only, extend to infinity.The highest rough line between red and yellow stakes is what defines the penalty area.

PENALTY FOR INFRINGEMENT OF THESE LOCAL RULES: In Stroke Play two strokes and in Match Play loss of the hole

DISTANCES TO ENTRANCE OF GREEN: Red stake, 100 m.- White, 150 m.- Blue, 200 m.

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